<gr-spinner> | GrSpinner

Spinners are used to show the progress of an indeterminate operation.




Spinners are sized relative to the current font size. To change their size, set the font-size property on the spinner itself or on a parent element as shown below.

<gr-spinner style="font-size: 2rem;"></gr-spinner>
<gr-spinner style="font-size: 3rem;"></gr-spinner>

Stroke Width

The width of the spinner can be changed by setting the --stroke-width custom property.

<gr-spinner style="font-size: 2rem; --stroke-width: 6px;"></gr-spinner>


The spinner's colors can be changed by setting the --indicator-color and --track-color custom properties.

<gr-spinner style="font-size: 2rem; --indicator-color: tomato;"></gr-spinner>

CSS custom properties

Name Description
--indicator-color The color of the spinner's indicator.
--stroke-width The width of the indicator.
--track-color The color of the spinner's track.


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