<gr-tag> | GrTag

Tags are used as labels to organize things or to indicate a selection.

Primary Success Info Warning Danger
<gr-tag type="primary">Primary</gr-tag>
<gr-tag type="success">Success</gr-tag>
<gr-tag type="info">Info</gr-tag>
<gr-tag type="warning">Warning</gr-tag>
<gr-tag type="danger">Danger</gr-tag>



Use the size attribute to change a tag's size.

Small Medium Large
<gr-tag size="small">Small</gr-tag>
<gr-tag size="medium">Medium</gr-tag>
<gr-tag size="large">Large</gr-tag>


Use the pill attribute to give tags rounded edges.

Small Medium Large
<gr-tag size="small" pill>Small</gr-tag>
<gr-tag size="medium" pill>Medium</gr-tag>
<gr-tag size="large" pill>Large</gr-tag>


Use the clearable attribute to add a clear button to the tag.

Small Medium Large
<div class="tags-clearable">
<gr-tag size="small" clearable>Small</gr-tag>
<gr-tag size="medium" clearable>Medium</gr-tag>
<gr-tag size="large" clearable>Large</gr-tag>

const div = document.querySelector('.tags-clearable');

div.addEventListener('gr-clear', (event) => {
const tag = event.target;
tag.style.opacity = '0';
setTimeout(() => (tag.style.opacity = '1'), 2000);

.tags-clearable gr-tag {
transition: 300ms opacity;


Property Attribute Description Type Default
clearable clearable Set to true to make the tag clearable. boolean false
pill pill Set to true to draw a pill-style tag with rounded edges. boolean false
size size The tag's size. "large" | "medium" | "small" 'medium'
type type The tag's type. "danger" | "info" | "primary" | "success" | "warning" 'primary'


Event Description Type
gr-clear Emitted when the clear button is activated. CustomEvent<any>


Slot Description
(default) The tag's content.

CSS custom properties

Name Description
--background-color Background color of the tag
--border-color Border color of the tag
--border-radius Border radius of the tag
--border-style Border style of the tag
--border-width Border width of the tag
--clear-color Color of the clear icon
--clear-color-hover Color of the clear icon on hover
--clear-margin-left Margin left of the clear icon
--clear-margin-right Margin right of the clear icon
--color Text color of the tag
--font-size Font size of the tag
--height Height of the tag
--line-height Line height of the tag
--padding-bottom Bottom padding of the tag
--padding-end Right padding of the tag (will be left padding when we support right-to-left direction)
--padding-start Left padding of the tag (will be right padding when we support right-to-left direction)
--padding-top Top padding of the tag


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